As a retired Chief of Police (Fort Worth, TX), I wanted to congratulate Sgt. Tim Tremaine on his new book, "Officer Up!"  This is a great book and a much needed philosophy for today's police officers.  We are being challenged today as a profession but I truly believe the more positive leadership examples we can showcase, the more successful we will be in addressing the extreme challenges we face.  Let's focus on the great men & women that are serving today and support them as they 'Officer Up'!

Chief Jeff Halstead (Retired)

Fort Worth (Texas) Police Department

Founder, HOPE4BLUE

Thank you for the opportunity to review your book “Officer Up”.  I concur that many of the issues facing police officers today are of our own making from the culture we have built and in most part continue to sustain.  The warrior mentality adopted by many officers and agencies has concerned me for many years.  That cultural mindset has taken us away from our sworn duties.  Chief Tim Braaten, whom I consider a mentor, continually stressed all people have the right to be treated with dignity.  Essentially you say the same thing in your book.  Your LEGIT® program is an interesting concept.  As you say, it may not be the answer but certainly is a start.

Frank Woodall

44 year Law Enforcement Officer

TCOLE Master Peace Officer

FBI National Academy Graduate

Tim - I received and read your book today.  An effective conceptualization of the social, political, cultural, and technological environments impacting LEOs and police agencies.  Great work!

Dr. Mitch Javidi

CEO & President at International Academy of Public Safety

Officer Up!

It's really well laid out, organized and clear. Your point of view is humble yet confident. It's clear what you're going to put forward won't take much effort but will be life-changing. Well done! Can't wait to see how God uses it... as an example of being the church in the world.

Pastor Bryan Sloan

The Fields Church, Arlington, Texas

I found OFFICER UP! to be a current review of police culture and climate in America.  It is obvious at this point in our history in America that the police and the citizens we serve have very deep issues and a huge divide on trust that must be bridged.  Regaining trust between the police and the citizens will take a lot of work.  OFFICER UP! is a challenge to the existing police culture to change, to give voice during encounters, and to convey trust.  Using LEGiT principles like listening, excellence, generosity along with understanding and properly applying legal, ethical, and transparent procedures should begin a culture change…if and only if the police culture internalizes it and if the citizens believe them.  It is a big task, make no doubt about it.  Will it work?  Time will tell, but nothing will change if we don’t start trying now. To do nothing is not an option.

Louie W. Mercer, Director
School of Emergency Services
Police, Corrections, Fire, EMS
Daytona State College, Daytona Beach, Florida
Police Commander (Retired)
Daytona Beach Police Department

"The book is right on point.  I’ve thought many of the same things myself, and I think Sergeant Tremaine has not only made his arguments, but properly validated them with good research.  I think his LEGiT concept will be an excellent teaching tool, and is compatible with other law enforcement ethics and integrity courses.  The recommendations on recruiting, training, and mentoring make sense.  Some are gigantic, and would require significant buy-in from the highest levels to implement.  As he points out, it’s not in the philosophy, but in the implementation where the rub comes – for a host of reasons."

A. Jay Six
Chief Deputy, Retired
Tarrant County, Texas Sheriff's Office