Arlington, Texas – How do you correct a police officer’s behavior in an instant?  That is the question Sergeant Tim Tremaine addresses in the new book OFFICER UP! Creating a Climate for Appropriate Police Behavior.  With 30 years of police experience, Sergeant Tremaine approaches the topic as a police practitioner.  He examines the importance of understanding culture and work climate in the police setting.  Tremaine outlines a clear, simple program for use by officers and police supervisors to create and maintain a work environment that develops and promotes good police behavior that is not only legal, but is viewed as legitimate by the communities they serve.  The program is called LEGiT® and is a response to the issue of “legitimacy” under discussion in the criminal justice world today.  The concept of “legitimacy” relates to how the public perceives its police force.  Tremaine’s idea is simple: legitimacy with the public can be achieved when officer behavior is legitimate.

The LEGiT® program is a tool to help officers check themselves and check one another in the heat of the moment.   In light of recent events and the attention currently focused on the police industry in America, Sergeant Tremaine’s observations and recommendations are timely and thought-provoking.  The book is a quick read: short, concise, and to the point.  The point is, the members of the police profession should make the changes necessary to achieve and maintain legitimacy in the eyes of the public.  If they don’t, someone else will.

Sergeant Tim Tremaine received a BA in Bible and History and an MA in Religion from Hardin Simmons University in Abilene, Texas. His police career began in 1985 with the Arlington Police Department (APD).  Tim also holds a Master Peace Officer certification from the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement.  After retiring from APD as a patrolman, Tim joined the Tarrant County Sheriff ’s Office as a deputy sheriff.  He currently serves Tarrant County as a patrol sergeant.  Tim is a distinguished graduate of the School of Police Supervision at the Institute for Law Enforcement Administration in Plano, Texas.  Sergeant Tremaine was born in Ft. Worth, Texas and currently lives in Arlington, Texas.  He has two adult sons living in Tennessee.

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